Navigating the Latest Industry Trends in Hiring in 2023

Although there will always be best practices for hiring, it is essential not to get stuck in utilizing the same strategy without tweaking it regularly to keep up with changing circumstances. In order to remain competitive with talent acquisition, you must be proactive about staying on top of the latest market conditions and projected changes from industry experts so you can update your recruitment and hiring process accordingly.


Learn more about navigating the latest industry trends in hiring in 2023:

Demand for Soft Skills

Although technical expertise, work history, and education are crucial factors to look for, employers are increasingly prioritizing the need for candidates to have proficient soft skills. As an after-effect of the pandemic and the shift to more remote and hybrid work, the need for employees to have the ability to adapt and remain productive has resulted in a higher demand for soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Unlike hard skills, these types of strengths are not as straightforward to develop and spot in workers but will pay off greatly by allowing them to be effective overall contributors to an organization. 


Technology-Driven Recruitment Strategies

A tight labor market requires employers to utilize any tools they can to streamline their recruitment efforts to be accurate and timely. Technology is becoming an even more integral aspect in every stage of the recruitment process. Applicant tracking system (ATS) has been commonly used for applications, but hiring managers are also utilizing software to automate the time-consuming logistics, such as interview scheduling, built-in screening assessments, chatbots with answers to frequently asked questions, and even artificial intelligence to evaluate candidates in a data-driven manner. 


Pivoting Due to Economic Conditions

Many industries are dealing with a significant labor shortage, making it difficult to recruit and retain top talent. Between a challenging job market for hiring and potential concerns about the financial health of organizations because of inflation, supply chain issues, or other factors contributing to a loss in profit, employers have to determine how to pivot in order to attract candidates and prevent costly turnover – while also dealing with a limited staffing budget. Employers who don’t have the ability to appeal to candidates with high salaries can offer low-cost but valuable forms of compensation like schedule flexibility, additional paid time off, remote work options, and a positive and supportive workplace culture. 


Build a Team of Top Talent

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