A Day in the Life of an HR Administrator and Should You Consider This as a Career Choice?

Human resources is a fundamental component of an organization and oversees the logistical management of employees, including staffing, compensation, employee relations, and training and development. This field has a variety of positions across levels and specialties. A common role for starting an HR career is as an administrator, which is responsible for the administrative tasks of a human resources department.


Learn more about a day in the life of an HR administrator and if you should consider this as a career choice:

Daily Tasks

An HR administrator plays a critical role in ensuring the day-to-day administrative needs of a human resources department are handled accurately and efficiently.  Although the exact workload expectations may vary depending on the day, common daily tasks to expect in the day in the life of an HR administrator include: processing data and updating records in the HR system, completing and filing documentation, being the main point of contact for employees’ HR-related questions, and assisting HR management with any administrative needs that arise. 


Qualifications and Skills Needed

Typically the role of HR administrator requires a bachelor’s degree in HR or a related business field. Additional human resource certifications are generally optional but can set professionals apart as having stronger credentials. Other necessary skills include: technology, especially experience using HR software and other word processing and spreadsheet; excellent written and verbal communication; organizational and time management; interpersonal and collaboration; problem-solving; and strong attention to detail is essential for ensuring compliance in HR-related processes and documentation. 


Rewards and Benefits

Many HR administrators find their roles fulfilling, with rewards and benefits both personally and professionally. Since each day can look different, many HR administrators consider the variety of tasks appealing since every workday can have different challenges and circumstances and, therefore, not be monotonous. Another rewarding aspect is the opportunity to work directly with employees and help them by answering their inquiries and providing HR-related guidance. 


Growth Potential

Since human resources departments are necessary in organizations across all industries, HR administrators have significant growth potential for their careers. They will have career stability, with the flexibility to pursue HR opportunities among a variety of industries and company sizes and find an employer they are passionate about and that fits their needs and personal preferences. 


Is an HR Administrator a Good Career Choice for You?

Even if you have the skills and qualifications to be an HR administrator, it is also essential to have a realistic understanding of the challenges the role faces in order to determine if it is a good career choice for you. It can be a high-pressure position since accuracy in administrative tasks and adherence to both company policies and procedures, as well as ever-changing state and federal regulations, are absolutely critical. However, if you feel that you have the requirements, are intrigued by the nature of the role and its benefits, and can handle the challenges, being an HR administrator could be right for you. 


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