From Resume to Riches: Finding Your Perfect Finance and Accounting Position

The finance and accounting industry has a variety of possibilities, from areas in which you can choose to specialize to a wide range of employers across different fields. If you want to land the right job for your qualifications and interests, you can make it happen if you are strategic with your efforts.

Find your perfect finance and accounting position with these tips:

Clarify Your Objectives

Do some research to determine what types of job opportunities you are most interested in. Clarify your objectives, whether it is a specific job title or employer, so that you can focus your efforts on a defined goal.


Narrow Down Skills to Highlight 

To stand out to hiring managers for the finance and accounting jobs you want to pursue, you have to make it clear within a perfunctory glance that you are qualified and worth a longer look. Narrow down the skills to highlight on your resume, cover letter, and interview responses by reviewing job postings to determine which requirements are most prominent.


Write an Exceptional Resume

When you find finance and accounting positions that could be perfect for you, you have to be intentional about standing out from the other candidates with similar professional backgrounds. Write an exceptional resume for each specific job you apply to, and tailor it to include keywords from the job description and quantifiable past accomplishments that most closely align with the position’s responsibilities, with actionable language.


Grow Your Network 

It is common for jobs to be filled via word-of-mouth recommendations, so don’t just rely on looking for online job postings to find finance and accounting positions. Grow your network of professional contacts so you can ask for job search advice, learn about potential job leads, or even possibly receive offers to get you directly in touch with hiring managers. You can network effectively by attending industry events, participating in online professional forum discussions, and staying in touch with former colleagues.


Find Job Opportunities 

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