The Importance of Mental Health at Work: How Employers Can Support Employee Well-Being

If you want to improve productivity, engagement, morale, and retention, it can be narrowed down to one crucial factor: employees’ mental health. When employees have the support and resources to take care of their mental health issues, they are better equipped to handle the demands of the workdays and not be prone to burnout or turnover.


Learn more about the importance of mental health at work and how employers can support employee well-being:

Cultivate a Positive Workplace Culture 

Often employees keep their mental health struggles to themselves out of a fear of being negatively perceived if they open up or ask for help. Help create a culture that makes employees feel psychologically safe to reach out for support. Raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace, such as by sharing educational resources and bringing it up during meetings. Even the simple act of admitting that you are feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed can set a positive example. 


Promote Mental Health Resources 

Communicate openly and consistently with your employees regarding all of the mental health resources your company offers, such as an employer assistance program, support groups, or incentives for taking part in wellness challenges that encourage self-care activities. Not only will this ensure they know these resources exist, but it will send a message that you sincerely want them to feel comfortable utilizing them. 


Request Employee Feedback 

Measuring the effectiveness of your workplace mental health initiatives is a crucial step to making a true difference in employee well-being. Be proactive about encouraging employees to have their voices heard and share their perspectives on how they feel about your workplace’s current culture, mental health resources, and if there is anything they feel could be done to improve upon it. 


Encourage Work-Life Balance

Not establishing firm boundaries between professional and personal time is often at the root of a decline in employees’ well-being since it can lead to chronic stress and eventual burnout. Prevent your employees from overworking themselves because they think it is expected of them that they will be looked down upon as not being a team player or passed over for advancement opportunities. Communicate to your team the importance of work-life balance by not contacting them during off-hours, reminding them to use their paid time off, and being open to flexible scheduling or remote work options. 


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