Dealing with Job Rejection: How to Stay Positive and Keep Moving Forward in Your Job Search

When you are searching for a new job, it can be an emotional journey as you deal with the initial excitement of applying and being considered – only to be rejected. As disappointing as it can be, it can be a valuable learning experience in developing resilience and being even more successful in the long term.


Stay positive and keep moving forward in your job search with these tips:

Monitor Your Self-Talk

Your mindset is often the difference between bouncing back from a rejection or letting it destroy your self-confidence. Be observant of how you speak to yourself and make it a point to practice positive self-talk. For example, if you catch yourself thinking, “I am never going to get hired,” pause and then tell yourself, “I will eventually get hired for the right job as long as I don’t give up.” Eventually, your go-to mindset will be one of resilience instead of defeat.


Compile a List of Achievements

When you don’t land a job, it can make you question your abilities. Remind yourself objectively of your skills by writing out a list of everything you have achieved professionally that makes you proud, from goals you have accomplished to accolades you have received. Not only will it give you a confidence boost when you review it, but it can serve as a handy reference for crafting your resume, cover letters, and interview responses.


Reach Out for Support

Don’t feel like you have to keep your disappointment to yourself when your job search isn’t going as intended. Asking for advice or simply venting your feelings to trusted friends, family, mentors, or colleagues can be validating, especially if they share their own similar experiences and how they overcame it. 


Take a Break 

In the immediate aftermath of receiving a rejection for an opportunity you were really excited about, you may not be in the best headspace to effectively handle resuming your job search in a productive manner. Give yourself some time off from your job search, even just for a day or two. This break can give you some emotional space so you can start it back up once you’ve had a chance to come to terms with the disappointing outcome. 


Reflect on Your Current Process 

Once you are ready to restart your job search after a rejection, take some time to objectively assess your strategy. Although it is often out of the job seeker’s control when they are not selected, such as another candidate simply having more qualifications, there may be areas you could potentially improve. Consider if there is any area of your current job searching process that you could switch up, such as where you look for job leads, your resume content, how you prepare for interviews, etc. This empowers you to have more of an influence in the success of your future job search endeavors. 


Find New Opportunities 

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