How Flexible Hours Can Improve Your Team’s Performance

Offering flexibility for scheduling is not just a benefit for your employees – it can also have a significant positive impact on your overall success as a leader. By allowing your staff to shift their working time, you will likely be rewarded with more motivated, focused employees who deliver quality results.


Learn more about how flexible hours can improve your team’s performance:

Maximizes Productivity

When employees are able to choose when they work, they are better able to maximize their productivity. This arrangement allows them to take advantage of their natural tendencies and work when they are more able to focus, so they can get both higher quality and quantity of work done in less time because they are more motivated and alert. 


Boosts Engagement 

Being flexible with your team’s hours can help with performance because it contributes to higher morale, which in turn boosts their engagement. Engaged employees truly care about their contributions and want to go above and beyond to help their employers succeed. Allowing them to work a schedule that better fits their needs gives them the autonomy that demonstrates that you trust their expertise, making them want to perform their best. 


Improves Job Satisfaction 

A common source of burnout among top performers is not being able to effectively balance their professional and personal time; therefore, being open to shifting their working hours can improve job satisfaction. They will be less at risk of burnout, which causes a steep decline in performance, and eventually makes them more likely to quit and go elsewhere. 


Reduces Absenteeism 

If you are unnecessarily rigid about schedules, it can be counterproductive because it may force employees to have to completely call off work when unexpected circumstances arise. However, being open to alternative working hours can reduce absenteeism by allowing your team to work around their obligations. It can also help prevent unnecessary absences because your employees may be more likely to not put off preventative health appointments, saving them from worse outcomes later on. 


Attract Top Talent

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