Strategies for Cultivating Leadership Within Your Organization

Recruiting to fill your open jobs in New Mexico can be more challenging when the roles are at a higher level. A proactive approach to your hiring needs is to nurture your current employees to develop into the leaders you need for your organization in the future. In addition, the process of preparing your employees with the skills they need will help them be more productive, innovative, and well-rounded contributors.


Learn more with these strategies for cultivating leadership within your organization:

Develop Essential Skills

Consider the most important competencies and characteristics that are critical for making the transition from being an individual contributor to a leader. Even when an employee has technical expertise and industry knowledge, they will need to develop skills that are specific to leadership, such as communication, conflict resolution, handling stress under pressure, and strategic decision-making. Develop these essential skills by providing training programs for your employees so they can understand the fundamentals and build upon them as they grow professionally.


Provide Opportunities to Lead

If you want your employees to learn how to become leaders, give them first-hand experience on a small scale. Provide opportunities to lead, whether it’s allowing employees to run meetings occasionally or taking ownership of lower-stake projects, so they can get a chance to hone their skills and receive constructive criticism.


Encourage Resilience

One of the hardest parts of being a leader is taking responsibility and being held accountable for outcomes, good and bad. Leaders have to know how to deal with challenges, mistakes, and even outright failures and bounce back. However, since successful organizations have to change and innovate, leaders can’t just avoid negative outcomes by playing it safe and have to know how to take risks and handle the results. Encourage resilience in your employees now so they will be ready to be adaptable leaders in the future by coaching them on how to overcome setbacks by learning and then moving on emotionally so it doesn’t affect their confidence.


Establish a Mentorship Program

There are many aspects of the journey from contributor to leader that are nuanced and not easily communicated via training, but rather most impactful coming from personal anecdotes. Establish a mentorship program, so your employees can get advice and gain valuable wisdom from your current leaders about their career experiences. Plus, as a bonus benefit, mentors may also find it rewarding to share their stories and be reminded of why they got into their line of work.


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