Breaking Through the Experience Barrier: Tips for Landing Your First Job in a New Market

When you are trying to get started professionally by pursuing jobs in New Mexico, the major challenge to overcome is getting a hiring manager to take a chance on you so you can begin gaining experience. It requires instilling confidence in potential employers in New Mexico so they will hire you and allow you to prove yourself and build your qualifications.


Check out these tips for landing your first job in a new market:

Tailor Your Resume Strategically

When you don’t have relevant work experience on your resume, it is critical to make your resume clearly highlight the transferable skills that you do have that would make you able to excel in the roles for which you’re applying. Tailor your resume strategically to showcase your transferable skills, such as communication, problem-solving, collaboration, time management, and attention to detail. If a hiring manager can see that you have the right transferable skills, they will feel more confident that they could train you in the technical or industry skills necessary.


Provide Context with Your Cover Letter

Many candidates opt to skip cover letters if they aren’t required, but when you’re in a position where your resume doesn’t speak for itself, use your cover letter to its full potential. Provide context with your cover letter – use it to tell your story in your voice and explain your background and why you have what it takes to be a valuable contributor. 


Build Your Professional Network

Many jobs at all levels are filled through word-of-mouth personal referrals. Build your professional network so you can bypass the general application process or, at least, get your resume directly to a hiring manager. Reach out to former colleagues, attend networking events, and get active on LinkedIn to form professional connections, ask for advice, and see if anyone has job leads or is willing to provide recommendations for you.


Utilize Different Options for Gaining Experience

Full-time permanent roles are not the only way to build your resume and get hiring managers’ consideration. Utilize different options for gaining work history when you’re having a hard time breaking through that experience barrier. Volunteer roles, internships, freelance work, and temporary employment are all ways to gain relevant work experience, but with a lower threshold for hiring consideration.


Find New Job Opportunities in New Mexico

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