End-of-Year Reflection: Assessing Your Management and Setting Goals for the Upcoming Year

As the calendar year comes to a close, it is an opportune time to pause from focusing on immediate, urgent tasks and instead assess the bigger picture of your professional life as an employer in New Mexico. Introspection is crucial for successful leadership; the ability to be self-aware and examine your performance and behavior in an objective manner provides insight to improve and reach your full potential.


Engage in a purposeful and effective end-of-year reflection practice with these tips for assessing your management and setting goals for the upcoming year:

Focus on a Variety of Areas 

As you prepare to sit down and contemplate your overall performance as a manager over the past year, ensure you focus on a variety of areas that contribute to leadership. Certainly consider your performance in relation to organizational goals, but also reflect on your individual goals and intentions, the level of emotional intelligence displayed when interacting with others, and your own engagement and passion for your work. 

Define Specific Instances of Success

Think back on what you are most proud of and define specific instances of success from the past year. Don’t just list out what went well; scrutinize what motivations and actions played a role in the outcomes. This will give you a clear insight into your strengths so you can build on them and utilize them to continue to grow.

Identify Examples of Mistakes and Future Solutions 

Although it may be uncomfortable, arguably the most critical aspect of self-reflection for leaders is dealing with setbacks; therefore, as you review the past year and look forward, identify examples of mistakes and future solutions. Be honest and think objectively about what happened, your responsibility, and the consequences. Then, clarify what you can do differently next time to prevent similar issues or address them more effectively if they do occur.

Develop Actionable Objectives for Next Year 

Once you have defined your strengths and areas that need improvement, take that information and develop actionable objectives for next year. Reflect on what areas would provide the most benefit to your professional life if they were improved.  As you finalize your end-of-year reflection, it is essential to remain honest with yourself about what goals you can realistically tackle. To realistically set yourself up for success, work backward from your goal to break down each specific step with accompanying deadlines and brainstorm ways of keeping yourself accountable and consistent that work best for you. 

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