Season of Growth: How Temporary Work Can Lead to Permanent Opportunities in the New Year

If you have been looking for jobs in New Mexico, consider expanding your sources for job leads and pursuing temporary work. Short-term employment helps you boost your resume while earning a paycheck, but it can also be a beneficial tactic for achieving your goal of finding a longer-term role.


Learn more about how temporary work can lead to permanent opportunities in the new year:

Gaining Work Experience

If you are just starting out in your career or have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, temporary work can be a way of gaining work experience.  Once you have established your recent work history and filled in the gaps on your resume, it can be easier to get the attention of hiring managers for the permanent jobs you want to pursue.

Developing New Skills

With temporary employment, you have the opportunity to become a more marketable candidate by developing new skills that are relevant to your job goals. The more areas you can learn and add to your resume, the more you improve your chances of being able to have the right qualifications to be considered for the permanent roles you want.

Networking to Form Connections

Working a short-term job can pay off in the long term if you are intentional about networking to form connections during your time. Getting to know your colleagues and especially making a positive impression on your supervisors can help you become top-of-mind when permanent positions become available or they are asked by others for recommendations for candidates.

Receiving Constructive Feedback

Temporary employment can set you up for bigger-picture professional success if you are open to receiving construction feedback from your supervisors. It can be a low-stakes environment to find out about areas you need to improve upon, which you can then apply to be the best employee possible for future permanent jobs.

Find Job Opportunities in New Mexico

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