How to Empower Your Team and Boost Productivity

Being strategic with management tactics is essential for New Mexico employers to maximize their team’s potential. It’s important to focus on balancing the drive for efficiency with maintaining morale; otherwise, you risk your team losing trust in you and the organization, as well as self-confidence and motivation. Rather than leading with an overly harsh, authoritarian style, aim to encourage your employees to be engaged with their performances so they strive to go above and beyond because they find it fulfilling to contribute to the team.


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Improve Workflow Processes

Start with practical matters to improve efficiency and remove obstacles for your employees. Improve workflow processes by considering what is slowing things down, such as communication breakdowns, common distractions, or a lack of clarity for task responsibilities. Determine what changes could be made to current structures and procedures that could give your team the support they need to succeed. 


Provide Opportunities for Ownership

When employees are accountable for the outcomes of projects or tasks, they feel more invested in their work. Provide opportunities for ownership, such as letting your team be innovative and develop their own initiatives, lead projects, or be involved in decision-making. This will instill a sense of authority in them and how they perform, which can be much more rewarding than just following orders from their manager. 


Prioritize Transparent Communication

A common hindrance to poor morale and engagement in a team is a lack of trust in management, often due to a lack of communication. Prioritize transparent communication by keeping employees informed of any company news, especially if it would impact them in any manner. Additionally, have an open-door policy for them to come to you with any questions or concerns in a psychology-safe environment. 


Offer Sincere Recognition

When employees don’t feel acknowledged for their work, it can make them less certain of their perceived value to the organization and less inclined to want to go beyond the bare minimum. Offer sincere recognition to your team when they put in the effort and perform to an excellent standard. It is such a quick and simple gesture, but it is generally among the most effective for empowering your team and boosting productivity. 


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