Turn Career Challenges into Advantages

Everyone experiences professional setbacks of some form, whether it’s being laid off, not being able to land interviews, or being passed over for promotions. However, what sets apart the people who overcome these situations and successfully move forward and achieve their goals is their ability to approach them with the right mindset and adapt accordingly. If you have had difficulties in the past finding jobs in New Mexico, turn career challenges into advantages with these tips:


Reframe Your Perspective

The key to resilience, versus giving up and feeling like a failure, is one’s thought process – if you continue to tell yourself that something is impossible or a disaster, you will feel resigned rather than optimistic for growth. Reframe your perspective by reminding yourself that you are capable of being flexible, learning new skills, and persevering through challenges. 


Clarify the Contributing Factors

In order to move forward, you have to define what led you to your current situation. Clarify the contributing factors to the career challenge you are experiencing. Be as objective as possible as you reflect on your current and past feelings about the situation, what went wrong, your behavior and decision-making process, the actions of others, and what you have learned from the experience. Don’t feel like you have to make extensive conclusions or plans at this point – simply reflect and take note of anything you notice as you contemplate. 


Determine What’s Within Your Control

Once you have examined the various aspects of your current circumstances, focus on how you can empower yourself rather than dwelling on negativity or feeling victimized. Determine what’s within your control and concentrate on that as you figure out your next steps. For example, things within your control could be reaching out to your professional network for job leads, taking a continuing education course to gain credentials, learning strategies for time management, or controlling your emotional responses better. 


Start a New Path Forward

After you have specified what changes you want to make and the corresponding actions you can take, set a goal for which to work toward. Start a new path forward by breaking down your goal into small steps, establishing a plan and timeline, and taking consistent action. As you put in the effort on a regular basis and start to see progress, you will get further away from your past challenges and get closer to achieving your career objectives. 


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