Strategies for Leading Teams Through Organizational Transitions

The uncertainty of change can be difficult for New Mexico employers to navigate effectively. Not being forthcoming or reassuring enough can not only cause morale and productivity to plummet, but it also puts you at risk of losing your top performers.


Learn more about strategies for leading teams through organizational transitions:

Develop a Thorough Plan

During times of change, do whatever you can to provide consistency and reassurance to your team. Develop a thorough plan for how you will approach organizational transitions with your team. For example, come up with talking points about the goals of the change and the bigger picture vision behind it, clarify any planned changes within your department and their corresponding timelines, and decide how and when you want to deliver news and updates.

Prioritize Open Communication

Suspicion and distrust can run rampant during transitional periods, so it is critical to be transparent and keep employees in the loop. Prioritize open communication and share information as often as possible with your team. Additionally, make it clear that they can always come to you with questions or feedback, and you are ready and willing to listen and take any action if able. 

Instill a Growth Mindset

Developing resilience is a valuable professional skill, as it sets employees up for successfully adapting to ever-changing circumstances without letting it negatively impact their self-confidence. Instill a growth mindset in your team by encouraging them to view the transitional time as a learning opportunity. Let them know you believe in their ability to overcome challenges, think critically, work hard, and learn new skills, and that you will provide whatever support they need to do so.

Be Empathic 

Even if you consider the changes to your company to be absolutely necessary or for the ultimate greater good, it can still be hard for employees to cope with; therefore, it’s crucial to think beyond the scope of what’s logically “best for business” and consider the emotional impact. Be empathetic to your team as they come to terms with organizational transitions and any related outcomes – if not, you could damage morale and permanently lose their trust. 


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