Implementing Best Practices for a Thriving Workplace Culture

The quality of a workplace culture is often the catalyst for engagement and retention. If you want to recruit top New Mexico area candidates, and even more importantly, ensure they commit for an extended period once hired, you must focus on cultivating a culture that encourages employee job satisfaction, instills a sense of belonging and purpose, and provides the tools necessary for success.


Learn more about how to implement best practices for a thriving workplace culture:

Official Policies

Ensure your company’s official policies align with building an authentically positive culture. Communicate and strictly enforce conduct policies regarding acceptable behavior to prevent good employees from leaving due to being harassed or otherwise treated inappropriately. Include a simple channel for employees to file complaints and ensure they are responded to and addressed.


Clear Expectations

When employees have to guess what they should be doing or how well they are performing, it can foster an environment of uncertainty and anxiety. To boost your workplace culture, make it a point to establish clear expectations when giving directives, such as expected process, timeline, level of detail, and results. Also, prioritize giving real-time feedback so employees know where they stand and feel confident in their work. 


Big Picture Vision

The best workplace cultures are ones where employees feel their work has meaning. Discuss the big-picture vision of the organization and how their work contributes to it. This will help them realize their work has value and help them feel enthusiastic and engaged in not just their performance, but the whole team’s output. 



Open communication is the key to instilling trust between employees and leadership – and a lack of trust is often the root of negative workplace cultures. Focus on transparency when communicating with your team, particularly when related to the organization’s news and changes at a higher level. Keeping them in the loop as much as possible will show they have no reason to question your motives and will boost morale. This also goes both ways – ensure you give your employees a voice and welcome their input and feedback as well.


Relationship Building

When employees get along with their colleagues, it not only makes your workplace more productive, but more enjoyable for all.  However, focusing so much on productivity can backfire if your team never has time to interact on a personal level. Encourage relationship building, such as small talk before or after meetings, group chat threads about non-work topics, or hosting team lunches or fun activities. When employees are friendly, they feel more like a team and are more likely to gladly go above and beyond for one another and the group as a whole. 



Happy, fulfilled employees are at the heart of a thriving workplace culture. Master the fundamentals of being a manager that prioritizes employee well-being. Show your appreciation and thank your employees regularly for jobs well done so they feel validated. Promote a healthy work-life balance by establishing boundaries for working hours, avoiding contact outside the office, encouraging your employees to take regular short breaks throughout the day, and having your employees feel comfortable taking advantage of all of their paid time off. 


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