Recovering from a Poor Interview: Steps to Take When Things Don’t Go as Planned

If you want to be successful as you look for jobs in New Mexico, building your resiliency is essential to help you handle the ups and downs of the process. One common setback that many job seekers have is difficulty overcoming is dealing with the aftermath of when job interviews don’t go as planned.


Check out these steps to take to recover from a poor interview:

Contemplate Objectively 

It’s important to find a balance between reflection and not falling into obsession when dealing with the immediate aftermath of an interview that didn’t go as well as you hoped. Contemplate objectively as you think back about the specifics of what went wrong – don’t insult or berate yourself or get caught up in rumination. Simply reflect to clarify what occurred in a strictly factual manner and analyze the contributing factors –  for example, were you nervous or not prepared enough?


Use Final Contact Opportunity

Consider the level of the misstep of the interview. If it was somewhat minor, such as feeling like you didn’t sell yourself enough on a particular qualification or didn’t have an answer to a question because you froze, use your final contact opportunity: your follow-up email message. As you thank the interviewer for the opportunity and consideration, you can also concisely incorporate a few sentences conveying whatever you failed to state during the interview. This may be enough to their perception of you as they make them their final decision. 


Ask for Feedback

If your interview ends in an official rejection, you can still use it as a valuable learning opportunity. Ask for feedback from the interviewer about what you could improve on as you continue your job search. Some interviewers may not feel comfortable or otherwise be permitted to give feedback, but it doesn’t hurt to ask – if they are able to, the information can help you target your efforts as you move forward. 


Practice Areas to Improve

After self-reflection and feedback, you should have a thorough understanding of what you could do better next time. Set aside time to practice the areas you need to improve upon, such as doing more company research before an interview or conducting mock interviews to feel more comfortable in the situation. As you move on, you will feel more informed, prepared, and confident to be more successful at your next interview. 


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