How to Improve Workplace Relationships Among Your Team

Having positive workplace relationships doesn’t just improve the overall morale of your office and make it a more pleasant place to be. Putting in the effort to strengthen your employees’ relationships also benefits your organization by improving engagement, productivity, retention, and talent acquisition. Learn more about how to improve workplace relationships among your team: Set… Read More »

Maximizing Your PTO for 2022

Taking your allotted paid time off is essential for your overall well-being. Still, if you’re like many working professionals, you may not be utilizing your PTO to its full advantage because you get caught up in the daily grind of your workload. However, time away from the office can help you rest and come back… Read More »

New Manager Checklist to Create a Powerful Team Culture

Being a new manager can be overwhelming, but there is one key area to focus your efforts on that will help you be a successful leader: cultivating a positive workplace culture. Positive workplaces cultures tend to value collaborative and trustworthy relationships, recognition for effort, encouragement of professional growth, and overall support in helping one another… Read More »

Spring Cleaning Time! 5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Resume

Springtime brings with it a feeling of newness, making it a great time to freshen up your surroundings. Spring cleaning time doesn’t just have to apply to your home; it’s also a great reminder to take a look at your resume and see what changes can be made to make it as presentable and effective… Read More »

When To Be Flexible About Hiring Candidates From Different Backgrounds and Industries

The standard hiring process is generally based upon seeking out “ideal” candidates whose qualifications align perfectly with your open positions. However, if you are open to other possibilities, you can not only be more nimble with your talent acquisition but also experience other benefits for your organization. Learn more about when to be flexible about… Read More »

How to Write an Accounting Resume

how to write an accounting resume | santa fe & albuquerque NM

  Your resume is often an employer’s first introduction to you as a job candidate. And first impressions matter. When the hiring manager is impressed with your resume, you go in the “yes” pile. When they’re not, your application is quickly discarded.   Whether you’re putting together an entry level accounting resume or one that… Read More »

Looking for More Flexibility in Your Schedule? Consider Temp Work!

A flexible schedule is often just as valuable or even more so than a particular salary figure. Whether you have obligations that prevent you from settling for a long-term job position with one employer, or you simply desire a work-life balance, temporary employment may be the right fit for your needs. Learn more about how… Read More »

The Benefits of Using Headhunters to Find Passive Talent

In such a tight labor market, it’s essential to be strategic with your recruitment and hiring process to land top talent. An untapped resource to consider is working with a headhunter to connect you with passive candidates, or those who are not actively job searching but may be open to new opportunities. Learn more about… Read More »

How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Accounting and Finance Candidates in 2022

Accounting and finance professionals are almost always in high demand. All sorts of companies and organizations need accountants, from corporations and small businesses to government agencies and non-profit organizations. And with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 7% employment growth rate between 2020 and 2030 for the accounting profession, it’s safe to say that… Read More »

Take Your Career to a Higher Level! 5 Ways to Upskill Yourself

Upskilling refers to building upon your existing skill sets to a more advanced level. It is a major key to success in your career – employees who focus on upskilling themselves are more likely to be offered pay raises, considered for promotions, be more marketable for new jobs, and will be able to easily adapt… Read More »